What do I have to know before having my first child? What should I do before they arrive? What conversations do my partner and I need to have? How can I make sure I am ready?


We created this course, The Parent-To-Be: A Daily Dad Parenting Challenge, to answer all those questions and more.


If you wanted to become a great guitar player, you couldn't do better than training under a master guitarist. If you wanted to become a great surgeon, you couldn't do better than getting direct guidance from a surgeon who has clocked their 10,000 hours in the operating room. If you wanted to become a great chef, you couldn't do better than apprenticing in the kitchen of a master chef.


As the philosopher-king Marcus Aurelius wrote in Meditations,


"Mastery of reading and writing requires a master. Still more so life."


Or as another translation has it,


"Where literacy is concerned, you can't be a leader until you've been a follower. This principle is even more relevant to life."


We believe this principle is even more relevant to parenting because, before guitar players or surgeons or emperors or readers and writers, there were parents.


This is the wonderful thing about parenting as a learnable discipline: its timelessness. From the ancient world to ours—parenting is parenting. And if you want to become great at it, you couldn't do better than learning from the great parents who have come before you.

Our goal with this challenge is to bring you the wisdom of your forefathers and foremothers in a way that's eminently accessible and immediately applicable.


Rooted in the wisdom of great parents, and woven together with lessons from history, science, and literature, we're going to equip you with real advice and useful insights that will help you prepare for having kids and set you up for becoming a great parent.

At the pace of an email per day for 30 days, we will guide you along a path that will involve:


      • Getting on the same page with your partner
      • Addressing your childhood wounds
      • Creating structure in your life
      • Setting up your village
      • Becoming a sleep expert
      • Setting family boundaries
      • Defining your parenting principles
      • Automating as much of your life as possible

And much, much more.


Do you want to feel like you are ready to take on life’s most challenging “job”?


Of course, you do.


Take the first step today by committing the next 30 days to The Parent-To-Be: A Daily Dad Parenting Challenge.  


As the Stoic philosopher Epictetus responded to a student’s question about what it takes to be great, “we must endure a winter training, and can’t be dashing into situations for which we aren’t yet prepared.”


Are you prepared for your toughest job? Will you be a great parent?


The training you do today will determine your answer tomorrow.


The Parent-To-Be: A Daily Dad Parenting Challenge was created to prepare you for the most important task of your life.